A live, online workshop series for writers of memoir and fiction

Birth Your Truest Story by Nurturing Your Most Tender Voice

A live, online workshop series for writers of fiction and memoir

You are invited to step into a non-judgmental space where you will feel safe to discover your most tender voice, so that your truest stories can take root and blossom.

Each month features a stand-alone master class on a key aspect of the writing process, along with a writers’ circle for sharing and receiving productive feedback on your work, and two office hours for group collaboration and support for the creative process.

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Month 5 begins
February 6, 2022

Who in the World Are You?

Master Class on
Finding and Cultivating Your Unique Voice

Who is telling your story, and how? What point of view is being used? Whose eyes are we looking through? Explore the narrative strategies other writers have employed and learn how to enliven your work in progress by shifting the way you tell your stories.

In memoir, the author and narrator usually are the same person, but you can learn interesting things about your story by experimenting with point of view. Fiction writers have a wider set of options, which sometimes can be overwhelming.

As always, we explore these questions through a series of writing prompts designed to generate material you can use right away in creating the story that’s waiting in you to be born!


Make 2022 the Year of Your NEW Story!

Our January 3 free online Birth Your Truest Story was a blast! In this hour-long prompt-based experience, we explored:
  • Who are you as a writer?
  • Who do you want to be? 
  • What new stories are waiting like seeds in the rich loam of your psyche, ready to unfurl in this New Year?
  • How can you make 2022 a fruitful year in which you step boldly into a strong sense of yourself as a powerful writer of essential stories that you alone can tell? 
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About Your Guides…

In 2016, lifelong friends Jennifer Browdy and Audrey Kalman conceived of a workshop that would use birth as a metaphor for the writing process.

Combining Jennifer’s expertise as a memoirist and teacher with insights from Audrey’s work as a birth doula and writer, they taught the workshop in person at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California and then virtually for Shuffle Collective’s Weekend of Words.

The response was so positive that they decided to expand it into an on-going online offering, organized as a nine-month series designed to support sustained engagement while also allowing participants to join any month or try out a single master class.

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